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Welcome To The Salvation Army - Guam Community Site

To most, The Salvation Army conjures images of smiling soldiers managing thrift store and ringing bells near red kettles at Christmas time.  While these are worthwhile endeavors that help support important parts of our ministry, there is so much more to The Salvation Army.  Every day, The Salvation Army on Guam helps bind the wounds of modern day life, offering food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, and companionship to the forlorn.  In every community, Salvation Army officers, staff members, Salvationists, and volunteers touch lives through selfless acts of service.

Founded more than 140 years ago by William Booth, The Salvation Army is a religious and social service organization, a branch of the Christian Church dedicated to the battle against sin and despair.

The Salvation Army seeks not only to improve the physical environment and provide for material needs, but also reveal the power of Christ's love.  Our social services programs assist children, the elderly, families, and those battling addiction.  The Salvation Army operates in more than 117 countries, offering disaster relief, day care, summer camps, hospitals, shelters, counseling centers, vocational training, and substance abuse treatment programs.

The Salvation Army - Guam began it's first work on Guam following Typhoon Omar in the fall of 1992.  Shortly thereafter, The Salvation Army Corps and Community Center was opened.  Corps and Community Centers are the heartbeat of all Salvation Army units.  Using a military metaphor, each "corps" is a place of worship that conducts church services for any that choose to attend.  it seeks to meet the spiritual needs of a regular community of worshippers as well.

The Salvation Army - Guam, has a great legacy of service on Guam since planting the flag in 1992.

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Captains Michael and Kelley Lutcher are the current Officers-in-Charge and they look forward to continuing and expanding the work of The Salvation Army here on Guam and throughout Micronesia.



Our Message to the community...

As long as people are discouraged or lonely or needing a helping hand, our “Army of Compassion” will still have a mission.  We serve not as a beacon to ourselves, but as a reflection of God’s brighter light that has always driven our movement. Consider giving to or volunteering for The Salvation Army on Guam. Need knows no season, and it takes an Army to fill that need.